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Limestone - ideal for flooring

Limestone is a sedimentary rock


wholly or in part composed of calcium carbonate.  it is a softer stone and is more porous than either granite or marble, and is therefore not usually recommended for kitchen worktops,But of course there are exceptions.

Generally paler in colour, limestones are available in a range of soft hues.  Some limestones are coloured by impurities (iron oxide or carbon) such as Travertine Rosso.  Most limestones are formed with deposits of small fossils or marine invertebrates, which are then visible in the final stone, adding interest and movement.

Limestone is an ideal stone for flooring, both internal and external.  Limestone slabs are available for viewing at the Windsmere Stone yard near Melksham in Wiltshire.


Silver Travertine

This travertine is ideal for flooring or wall cladding. Travertine is a limestone formed around hot mineral springs, and it available in a variety of colours.

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