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The worktop choice for those that love to cook!

Marble is the traditional material for use in food working and storage areas.  For hundreds of years before modern refrigeration marble was used as cold shelves in the pantries of the manor houses up and down the country and marble is still today favoured by pastry chefs and chocolatiers for it's cool, smooth, hygienic surface. 

More affordable than you might think...

Today you can have all your kitchen worktops in a marble of your choice from dozens of difference marble types.  Perhaps the best known is Carrara Marble with is white background and grey vein, a marble you will have seen in many different places from sculptures to table tops on old singer sewing machine bases.  It's no surprise there are rare marbles that command a high price but you may not be aware that marbles that are more readily available often work out to be less expensive than the same worktops in a branded man made quartz!  And you have the natural beauty and provinense that only a real stone can give.

Carrara Marble Kitchen Utility Worktop

Caring for marble

Many believe marble is not suitable for kitchen worktops and that it is very difficult to look after.  This is simply not the case.  With a little knowledge and know-how there is no reason why your marble worktops shouldn't look fantastic for decades to come.

The key to looking after natural marble is to ensure that only suitable cleaning products are used.  The use of acidic cleaning fluids and sprays is the biggest cause of issues with marble.  Most high street cleaning solutions are high in acids which are capable of stripping away the sealers that protect the surface and they can, in some cases, be acidic enough to etch the surface.  This leaves the marble surface rough and hard to maintain.  Often the result is more of the offending spray being used to try to improve the situation resulting if further damage.  The good news is that good old fashioned soapy warm water is the best cleaning solution to use although specialist cleaning solutions can be purchased if preferred.

For further information of how to care for natural marble worktops please follow this link

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