Our marble has recently completed it's long journey from Verona in Italy to reach Windsmere Stone.  

Follow it's fascinating journey 

The empty loading unit for storage and movement of stone is is collected from the suppliers depot in Paullo, South of Milan.

Map of Italy and our stone's journey

The empty unit is then taken to Mondial Granit in Verona where the marble is quarried, cut into large slabs at Mondial Granit from the enormous blocks ready for shipment. 

Verona quarries in Italy Mondial Granit in Verona    

Once loaded in Verona the shipment unit is then taken to Piacenza rail Terminal, South of Milan

Loading stone for Windsmere in Verona

 The loaded shipment unit is then transported by Rail freight to the Port of Zeebrugge, Belgium

Windsmere stone reaches Milan

Our stone reaches the UK and is then shipped to Windsmere Stone in Wiltshire where our skilled stonemasons and polishers unload ready to begin transforming the stone into beautiful bespoke kitchens and bathrooms to grace your homes. 

Coming off the boat in the UK   Unloading at Windsmere   Unloading at Windsmere