River Blue Leathered Granite Kitchen Worktops

At Windsmere Stone and Granite Ltd we understand that the variety of different natural and man-made materials marketed as suitable for uses such as kitchen worktops and bathroom vanities can make the process of choosing the right material over-whelming, so in this and future blog entries we will outlined the different material options we offer and how they differ in composition, appearance, and project suitability to help you make your choice with confidence.

Today we will focus on Granite....

Granite is a top choice of material in the construction industry, used around the world in commercial and domestic building projects alike, from the uninteresting such as curb stones to the ultra-luxury such as façade cladding.

Granite is an intrusive igneous rock rich in quartz, feldspars and plagioclase and is formed from magma that has slowly cooled over millions of years below the earth’s surface to crystallise in the myriad of colour and pattern combinations we see today.

The compact nature of the mineral grains lends granite it’s formidable strength and its’ low calcite content means granite is much less resistant to acids such as those found in citrus fruits and many cleaning products.

Some granites even contain precious stones such as the mulberry coloured garnets characteristic of popular granites such as Andromeda and Colonial White. Now that’s real Kitchen Jewellery!

For a long time, the granites used in domestic projects such as new kitchen worktops were dark and mainly speckled but there is so much more to granite than that and today granite is available in every colour including many off white and grey options featuring wave or swirl pattern movements.

Is Granite the right choice for my project?

Granite is heat resistant so you can put hot pans directly onto the surface without the risk of burning the surface.

Super tough and scratch resistant so it can withstand daily, family use and will always be easy to look after.

Granite is not as expensive as many think and can be less expensive than some of the designs available from quartz manufactures. There is a granite to suit all budgets and design briefs.

Ideal for those who love to bake and for storing foods helping to keep them cool.

Granite has the provenance that only natural materials have.

The use of granite can elevate any project to the next level with is depth and quality feel. Granite is a luxury product and this makes it the obvious choice when it comes to investing in your home.

The attributes of granite that make it suitable for your project will ensure it looks just as fantastic in 20+ years’ time as it did the day it was installed. 

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